Thursday, September 22, 2011

Please help!

Okay, for you smartie pants out there that know how to blog, how in the world do you change your friend list into listing them from most recent updated to the ones that haven't blogged forever? So lost! Please help a blogger in need. Thanks, stressed blogger...

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Our baby has been named!

names... Picking the right name could be so hard. Wanting something a little different but not way out there if ya know what I mean. I was so happy when we found out we were having a BOY because we had a boy named picked out that we actually agreed on and both love! As of girlie names I was completely stressing myself out. I loved one name and Ty not so much. More like he hated it! The joys of picking names! So needless to say, I couldn't be happier with another boy. Eventhough, I'm so out numbered. Don't get me wrong I definitely want my lil princess and my shopping buddy so hopefully next time! That'll give me time to come up with the 'perfect' girl name, I hope! haha... Anyways, we both love the name


Hope you like! We couldn't be happier! Matix just sounded fun and different and it flowed well with Mark, which Ty's been dying to use. Mark is Tyler's middle name and his dad's name. And we decided on Blatter because we thought it'd be cool for him to have the same last name as us! Bahaha...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Couldn't be happier...

Can't wait to buy matching sweaters because we're having another BOY!!!

His sweet 4D pic. Kinda scary looking but I think he's cute!

His profile pic...Don't know why these pics are side ways and upside down...ugh

He looks like a mini Knox! Can't wait to love on him and hold him in my arms! Can't wait for my lil men to grow up to be the best of friends! So inlove already! :0)

Monday, September 5, 2011

The latest on my sweet Mom...

YES, we are cRaZy!

My momma and I @ her 60th birthday surprise part-AY!

Tyler and Knox

My sweet parents

And the Birthday gal!

Let me start off by saying that her surprise birthday party was a hit! Thanks to my dad and GariLu. This cancer business has been rough for all of us. Not knowing if my mom would be around much longer. Trying to make lots of great memmories. I have a whole new outlook on life and how precious and fragile it really is. I'm so grateful for ETERNAL families and the knowledge that I have. I need to take a lot more pictures (I'm lacking big time) and treat each day as if it were my last. But as for my mom's update, I am PROUD to say, her cancer is in REMISSION!!! The doctor said it's as if she never even had it! I get my mom back! Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. Means a great deal! It's a serious blessing from her having stage 4 cancer to being cancer free. I couldn't be happier! Just another reminder that my Heavenly Father loves me. And I have Him to thank for this true miracle!

half way... WOOT WOOT!!!

Find out on wednesday what this beautiful babe of ours is! I can hardly wait! I'm thinking another BOY but we shall see! ;)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's official...

We are so excited and so proud to announce that we are expecting baby #2. Due Jan 23rd! Have forever to go but nonetheless couldn't possibly be happier to be able to extend our lil family. :)

This is how we told my inlaws...

This is how we broke it to my parents...

Very blessed yet again! Can't wait to meet the lil one that's been making momma sick this time around!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Cancer...the hardest word to hear

Thursday March 10th my Mom went to Urgent Care not feeling well. She had feelings of fatigue and dehydration. They started by doing blood work and giving her fluids. After a short while, they sent her home advising her to go to the ER if her symptoms continued. In the morning, she decided to go back to Urgent Care to see if they had any results from the test the previous day. The doctor there said he just had a feeling she should go to the ER for more extensive tests. Upon arriving at the ER, My mom had a CAT scan & more blood work. The doctor came in and told her, "there is good news and bad news, which do you want first?" She said good news first. Good news, no blood clots, bad news, Leukemia or Lymphoma Cancer.
That news was definitly a shocker for all of us. From there they took bone marrow, more blood tests and sent her home for the weekend with an appointment to see the Oncologist Monday @ 5.
That was a long weekend of waiting for the family, more so for my mom!! After meeting with the doctor Monday it was determined that she has Burkitt's Lymphoma. This is a cancer of the immune system. The doctor told her this cancer has 3 levels, she was told hers is level 3, being the worst, his advice......go home & pack your bags and come back to the hospital ASAP. From there its been a whirl wind for my mom. She been doing chemo for the last almost 3 wks. They had hr on dialysis for awhile since her kidney's weren't functioning as they should. But her kidneys are doing well now and we are just waiting for her to get over her mild fever which we believe was caused from the sores in her mouth. (syptom from chem).
She is staying so positive and upbeat. She's such strong woman and I admire her a ton for always having a smile on her face when I know it's been rough. It's simply another reminder of how precious and fragile life is. It's hard to sit back and wonder about the unknown. I need to trust in the Lord and His plan. The ball is in His cort. This has been SO difficult especially when I lost a brother to testicular cancer 10 years ago this last month. So many old feelings and memories coming back. I know my faith is being tested. I just need to keep the faith and be strong for her. Last week, I went to the hospital and gave her her 'new do'. I tried so hard hoping it wouldn't come to the haircut but what do you do? Afterall, it's just hair and it grows back! My sister and I offered to shave our heads too but she said we didn't need to do that. For future references if you do see me bald headed you know why! I love her SO much and want her to get better and to wip this cancer in the butt so we can have 'girl time' again. Get better, MOMMA! I need you! I LOVE YOU!!!

Always smiling!

My beautiful Momma! Did I mention she has the cutest lil head shape?

Haircut time!

My mom and I after styling her hair for her. I love her so incredibly much!!!

I'm back!

Holy crap, it's been 11 months since I've posted last! YIKES!!! Sorry for the picture overload but this is what we've been up to the last lil while...

This is US at the Blatter's family Christmas party.

My yonger brother, Trevor, returned home from his mission Dec. 8th from Jacksonville,Forida! Uncle Trev meeting Knox for the first time.

Knox eating his bday cake. What a MESS! Did I mention this was 6 months ago?

Sorry I forgot to turn this pic. The birthday boy and his proud lil momma.

Knox's bday cake that daddy made. heehee! To cute!!!

This lil man is VERY adventurous and likes to get into absolutely EVERYTHING!!!

I'm so IN LOVE with this lil guy!

My brother in law, Ryan, got married to this beautiful gal, Kolene, in February!

Monkey and I snowmobiling on Ty's sled. Did I mention this might be mine soon?! Well, after Ty gets him a new one.

Daddy with his lil buddy sledding down a huge hill.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Is your baby NOT sleeping through the night?

Try the 'Ferber Method'!!! It works wonders! What is it? It's a proven method to help you and your baby sleep through the night. And for baby to learn to soothe themselves to sleep. Best when tried when baby is 4-6 mo. It helps to have a bedtime routine. That way baby will relate bathtime to bedtime. You'll want to be sure baby has been feed, diaper changed, and is tired. Give baby pacifier and lay him/her in their crib while they are still awake but tired. Walk out of room and make sure light is off and door is shut. Baby will most likely cry. Check up on baby in 5 mins to reassure them that they are fine and that Mommy is here. But DO NOT pick them up! You can touch them and give them their pacifiers but NO picking them up. Then leave room. Checking on them in 10 mins and then 15 mins etc...Everynight increase checking time by 5 mins. So the next night start checking up on baby in 10 mins. then 15 mins. It will be hard the first few nights but will get better. The goal: getting baby to sleep through the night, getting mom and dad to sleep through the night, and teaching baby to soothe themselves... I've now been using this method for over a month now and it's seriously been amazing! Sleep IS good! Knox now sleeps through the night and so does Mom and Dad! If you have questions or want to learn more just google the 'Ferber Method' and see for yourself how amazing this is! And you can google the 'Sears Method' if you think this is too harsh or what the heck compare the two and see what works best for you! Good luck!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Time sure flies when your having fun!

I can't believe how BIG Knox is getting! I absolutely adore him! And I love watching his personality grow. He now fake cries which is just hilarious. Every time (without fail), I go to change his diaper he starts grunting like "Mom wait, there's more". haha... Knox LOVES: showers with Daddy, hand massages with lotion, a full belly, the soothing sound of Mom/Dad's voice, kisses from Mom, airplane rides from Daddy, staying up ALL night, letting us know when he's NOT happy, sleeping in Mom and Daddy's bed, and funny noises from everyone. All and all this kid is TOO funny and we just can't seem to get enough of him!!!

Have I mentioned that I LOVE this kid???

How cute is this?...Keeping Daddy's side of the bed warm while he was out of town.

This kid is even cute with a onesie on his head...