Sunday, October 19, 2008


Doug, Ty, Karen, & Mark checking out the beach in Cozumel, Mexico. I forgot my water shoes so I took pics instead. I HATE things in between my toes. Flip flops are fine but that's all. Sand and rocks are the WORST! I know I'm a NERD! haha...
The BEAUTIFUL beach in Cozumel.
SORRY this pic is upside down. I couldn't figure out how to ROTATE the pic so this will have to do. This guy just stood as a STATUE and made tips off it. Thought it was pretty interesting. Could you IMAGINE doing that all day? Man, and I THOUGHT I had a few slow days. ha!
WE had to take a pic to show you how SMALL the shower was in our state room. (And don't judge the hair. I hadn't touched it yet that day.)
And THIS wonderful lady was our dining room waitress, Nina. SWEET girl and she took SUCH good care of us every night. I must say they had some of the BEST food I'd ever had!

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