Sunday, December 7, 2008

Can I be turning into my Mother?

I went to church today and balled my eyes out in Relief Society! No real reason, at first, just singing a Christmas song that I couldn't even see because my eyeballs were full of water. And then they had a few ladies bare their testimonies. And I know you all have those women in your wards that you know as soon as they get up there you'll lose it. And sure enough, they all bore their testimonies and Liz totally lost it! And for all of you that really know my mom knows that she is just so sweet and has a teaching gift, I swear! She taught lessons in Young Womens and she didn't even get close to being finished before she lost it. But I remember the girls not ever talking while she taught (hence the teaching gift). I remember always telling my mom before the lessons she'd give if she'd please not cry this time because I thought it was so embarrassing. But she always got the point across and always did such a good job. But I couldn't help but reflect back on all those times my mom would cry teaching her lessons, at the movies, or for NO apparent reason what so ever! Man do I cry at church, movies, and well... EVEN for no apparent reason what so ever! haha... Well, I came to the conclusion that I am turning into my Mother! Lesson to be learned- what goes around, comes around?? My mom always said that and sure enough she's right! haha... LOVE YOU MOM!!!


tatum said...

I cry all the time too. I think it is a requirement as a wife/woman not necessarily like our mothers. But, both our mothers are wonderful so it's not such a bad thing. Nothing wrong with having a heart.

Raena and Seabastian Tellez said...

Liz you are so cute! Just wait till you have a baby now I cry over everything!