Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dear baby Blatter,

I can't wait to find out your gender already so I can start shopping like crazy! I can't wait to spoil you, love on you, teach you, and I hope to be a good example to you! You have brought so much joy to our lives already and can't wait to find out how much more joy will be felt from you. You're a HUGE blessing to both mine and your Dad's life. I wasn't so sure you'd ever come but I'm sure glad you finally decided to. Oh yeah, congrats on becoming a fetus! That is quite the accomplishment. I pray for your health everyday! Mommy hasn't been sick at all so far (knock on wood), but definitely not gonna complain! I also can't wait to feel you kick! That'll be so neat! Thanks for being an angel! I love you!!!:D



Larsen said...

I love writing little letters to my kids on my blog. I hope the websites never go down or loose what I have that someday my kids might actually stumble across what I have written!

Love to hear you are feeling good!

Larsen said...

Oh that was me, Gina!


Liz your too cute. Your baby will love this. Im again so excited for you. Having a baby is so much fun.

Lyndsay said...

youre cute Liz, youre going to be a a fun mommy!