Thursday, May 21, 2009

What my baby is doing at 12 wks...?

* Growing 2 1/2 inches long.
* Weighing 1/4 oz.
* Small amount of hair is beginning to cover baby's body.
* Baby is beginning to grow fingernails/toenails.
* Baby's first tooth buds are forming.
* We're now able to listen to the baby's heartbeat! Yay!!!
* Baby is now moving inside my uterus but I can't feel it yet.

Pretty Crazy stuff!!!

My baby bump at 12 wks.! Sad, I'm already showing! Shouldn't you start showing at like 4 or 5 months especially on your first one? Geesh! I'm probably gonna be huge and the baby probably will be too! Wish me luck!!!


Larsen said...

Ahhhh, the 12 week mark. You are on your way Mamma! Keep taking pics of yoru belly. YOu will be amazed at what your body can do,plus some day your babies may want to know what you looked like preggo!



Erinn said...

So cute!! You are so teeny!!

Anonymous said...

Liz, youre tiny!

Good Luck with the pregnancy, I loved being pregnant so hopefully you have the same experience.

Amber Jarvis said...

Liz you are so cute and tiny! Don't worry i started showing at 10 weeks, i think it's because we are both very tiny. Don't worry everything will go great! Keep taking pictures you will be amazed when the baby is here and wonder to yourself, how it fit in there! You will look just fine! I started feeling the baby move at 16 weeks so 4 more weeks to go! you might be as lucky as me and feel it earlier! Yay! Keep me updated!

The Yeagers said...

You are so cute.
Thanks so much for watching Leonardo! We love having great neighbors!