Friday, July 31, 2009

Fun at Blacktail Lake

Summer is my all-time FAVORITE season of the year (atleast it is HERE). Tyler, his brothers, and I love to go boating and all that entails. But due to my pregnancy I am literally and physically "just boating". Ty, the great man that he is, says "no" to me doing any knee boarding, tubing, wakeboarding, and water skiing for a good cause. But hey, I can still jump in the water! I love to swim! That is if the water is warm enough. But I can sacrifice my summer fun this year for our lil man. Totally worth it to me!

This is Ty's brothers, Ryan and Bryce

My Man and I

Bryce and Ty tubing together. How cute! hehe...

I'm seriously surprised the rope did not break.

It was definitely a fun trip! Thanks for the laughs! Until next time...

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Larsen said...

YOu have a wise hubby, but really you could probably ride in the tube or kneeboard as long as they don't whip out around to hard and dumpy you. I hit some rides at a fair once and no big deal. but I only went on the mellow ones.

You are super cute!