Tuesday, November 4, 2008

WoW... :(,

Well, today was election day and I'm very disappointed in the outcome. The whole thing just makes me sick!!! I'm having a hard time baring the news that we have a new president that won't even say the pledge of alligence, who says that incase of another terroist attack that he'd side with the muslims? And the whole abortion thing (in general)? That if a child comes out alive during abortion that the child should not get any medical help? Wow, let's just NOT go there!!! And "his" outlooks on WAR?? Seriously, what is wrong with this country? I understand people want and need change but is this really the kind of change we need in this world? I would be lying if I were to say I wasn't scared for me, my family, and my future posterity. This is one crazy world we live in and it just got a whole lot crazier!


mallory said...

oh liz, i couldn't agree MORE!!!! It is absolutely ridiculous that we now have a president who wont sing our national anthem or say our pledge of allegiance like you said! It's sickening and it makes me so angry to think about! ahh!!!!!


Hey girl, i finally looked at your blog. your background is so cute. you'll have to tell me where you found it. you and ty are too cute.