Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What the Bachelor!!!

So I don't know about any of you but I had 'The Bachelor' DVR'd every monday night. This is the only season that I really got into and WOW was last night just crazy or what?!! I was so glad that he had picked Melissa at the final rose ceremony! I truely thought she was the better pick for Jason & his son Tai. But apparently not! He dumped Melissa after their 6 week engagement ON national t.v.! To tell her he made a mistake & loves Molly! WHAAAAAAAAT!!! Wow my heart goes out to her. As for Jason & Molly, looks like they are together. They sure didn't waste any time. A little soon I thought.


Erinn said...

I thought the same thing!! I was sooo annoyed! I really thought he was a stand-up guy. But apparently he doesn't know what he wants! And poor Melissa. She is such a cute girl.

Raena and Seabastian Tellez said...

I was so mad about what he did. Melissa deserved so much better than that. when she chewed him out I was like you go girl!

Sherwood's said...

Of coarse I watch the Bachelor. Drama! I thought he was the best Bachelor yet until the finale!